Genie Aladdin Connect Garage Door Review 2020

While being outside your home, be in office, on holidays or anywhere else, one thing that always get occupied on back of our mind is ‘Security of Home: Lock of Garage Doors’. Well we can’t help ourselves, but keep thinking about safety, checking on locks while leaving home, continuously calling and checking who has entered, checking cctv camera or cross checking at night whether the door is closed. 

What we actually need is a device that can ease our pain in mind and help us to track the mechanism of opening and closing of garage doors and also we want to give access to only few users to open/ close doors, so that not everyone can come or access the door. That will help a lot in having a peace of mind for security.

Not what if I say that this magic device is already been introduced in the market in the name of Genie Aladdin Connect Garage Door Opener that will solve all your problems. It will help you to monitor door, opening and closing of it with a single click in your smart phone and that too from any place. Yes, it’s true!! To know its details, check out our in-depth Genie Aladdin Connect Review below.

1 . You get an alert whenever your garage door is opened/closed. Along with it you also get update regarding the user details who tried to open the garage door electronically or manually. You can check the status history regarding the time of door operation along with user access details. You can give temporary or permanent access to the users as per your choice. Other than those no one else would be able to operate the door and if someone tries to open it manually then also you would get an alert. Isn’t it great to get such a relief regarding security?

2 . When someone calls you to inform that they have reached the garage and now you need to open it while you are away. You can do it with your mobile click as Genie Aladdin Connect Garage Door Opener gives the features to operate the garage door through your Smartphone itself. See you don’t have to be physically present to operate the door.

3 . Even if you want to automate the process of opening/ closing, you can set the timer in Genie ALKT1-R Aladdin Connect Smartphone Garage Door Opener at which you want to be opened/ closed automatically. Also you can set the time of duration when a door is open, it is closed automatically after that duration. So no need to worry if the door is open or not because Genie Smartphone Garage Door Opener will automatically get closed after set duration if its open. Also to keep it safe at night you can set the timer, that closes door automatically each night at the specific set time. So you get the sound sleep at the night with safety in mind!!

4 . If you have more than 1 garage door you would be thinking which door to connect with Genie Aladdin Garage Door Opener. Well you can connect all of them with a single devise. Yes, not only just one but you can operate 3 garage doors through the Genie ALKT1-R Aladdin Smartphone Connect. Single door operation comes as default, so you need to make changes in the setting to add 2 more. Hurray!!

5 . You might be thinking that would be your garage manufacturing brand be compatible with Genie Aladdin Connect ALKT1-R Garage Door Opener, then don’t worry we already have thought about it and worked on it. We have integrated most of the brands into our system (mostly manufactured after 1993). So in case you have doubts you can check on our website the list of manufacturing brand compatible with Genie ALKT1-R Aladdin Smartphone Connect.

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